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No Tools Loaned is a hot new bluegrass band originating in Frankfort Kentucky. Each band member's unique style contributes to the overall sound to produce a performance that you will not forget. Although the band performs much of their own material, they also perform the more traditional bluegrass music that they all grew up listening to at live performances.

They like to describe their music as third generation bluegrass, which makes their sound quite unique.

Audiences will be intrigued by the fun that this band is having while producing great instrumentals and vocal harmony that will delight any taste.

Although this band is newly formed, each of its members is a seasoned veteran and has played at venues ranging from concert halls and festivals to weddings and churches.

Instruments played by the band include banjo, mandolin, guitar, dobro and bass fiddle; vocal harmony includes lead, baritone, tenor and bass vocal.

Last Updated: December 2, 2002
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